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Allen NEET Study Material ( Dropper) for 2024

Allen NEET Study Material ( Dropper) for 2024

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   1. The Allen NEET Study Material (Dropper) for 2024 is a comprehensive collection of study modules designed specifically for students preparing for the NEET examination. This study material is tailored for dropper students who are aiming to crack the NEET exam in the year 2024. The study material consists of a total of 24 modules, which are further divided into three subjects - Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

2. The study material includes 6 modules dedicated to Physics, covering all the important topics and concepts required for the NEET examination. These modules are carefully crafted by subject experts and cover a wide range of topics such as mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, and more. Each module provides detailed explanations, examples, and practice questions to help students grasp the concepts effectively.

3. Similarly, the study material also comprises 6 modules for Chemistry, which delve into the various branches of chemistry, including organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry. These modules provide in-depth explanations of key concepts, chemical reactions, and equations, along with ample practice questions to enhance the students' problem-solving skills.

4. The Biology section of the study material is the most extensive, with 12 modules dedicated to this subject. These modules cover all the essential topics of biology, including cell biology, genetics, ecology, human physiology, and more. The study material provides detailed explanations, diagrams, and illustrations to help students understand complex biological concepts easily.

5. The Allen NEET Study Material (Dropper) for 2024 is designed to provide students with a comprehensive and structured approach to their NEET preparation. The modules are carefully curated to cover the entire syllabus, ensuring that students have access to all the necessary study material in one place. With its detailed explanations, practice questions, and comprehensive coverage, this study material is an invaluable resource for dropper students aiming to crack the NEET examination in 2024.


2020-21 session :- 20 model (P-6+C-6+B-8) 



This is 2nd hand book. 

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